The Larchlea Ubernietcchena is a collection of billions of universes all controlled by thousands of factions and empires. The closest universe to Earth is 538.5 googol universes away which is why it is forbidden for any of the nations or empires, apart from the top 5 empires, to go there. It has been 8.9 billion years since the beginning of the Larchlea Ubernietcchena and in that time warp technology and space vehicles have progressed very far, this is the sole reason these empires have the power to travel 538.5 googol plex universes in an average of 3-4 weeks, the weapons some ships use are also dangerous to the level of being able to destroy a universe in one shot (only the top 4 nations have this kind of power). The top 5 Empires are: 1st R.R.L.E, 2nd G.L.E, 3rd R.L.E, 4th B.L.E, 5th W.L.E. For more information on these five nations look at their page.

The governing group that sets most of the laws is known as T.L.U (Tah Larchlea Uncjheion)